Let us organise, pay, and find better deals on your bills so you don't have to!

1bill is the easiest way to manage your bills and control your expenses. 
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The complete bill management tool

With our bill management tool, organise all of your bills and be confident you are getting a good deal.
Never miss a due date again with in-app reminders and automatic bill payments.

Each bill you pay within 1bill scores you points to spend on gift cards!


All your bills
at your fingertips

Organise all your bills in one place, and never lose track of a bill again.

There are lots of easy ways to get your bills into 1bill!

Send via email
Upload or take a photo
Directly from the provider
Upload a file
Scan email for bills

More ways to pay your bills

Never miss a due date again with automatic bill payments and in-app bill reminders. Pay all your bill types your way on 1bill with credit card or LatitudePay!*

Pay TV

*Bills require BPay biller code


Bill Now, Pay Later

Whether you’re paying off one bill, or multiple bills, pay easily in 10 weekly interest free instalments with LatitudePay!


Compare & switch to a cheaper provider

1bill automatically compares your gas and electricity bills to a wide list of leading providers, every time you receive a bill to ensure you are always getting a good deal. 
With a few clicks 1bill can switch you to a better deal and take care of all the paperwork.


Bundle bills & pay at once

Pay bills separately or save time and bundle bills to pay at once. Pay the bundle in full or split the cost into smaller instalments with LatitudePay, whatever works for you!


Join, use & get rewards

Start earning 1bill points now! The more bills you manage in the app, the more points you earn. The more money you save, the more rewarded you get, it's that simple!


Security is our top priority

1bill uses military grade encryption that ensures your data is safe. Plus, with in-app biometric security, rest easy knowing your data is protected.

PCI DSS Compliant
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensures credit card information is processed, stored and transmitted in a secure environment, and 1bill complies with these standards.
AES 256 Encryption
Advanced Encryption Standard is a 256-bit military-grade cipher that uses practically unbreakable symmetric key encryption, making it the strongest encryption standard available.
AWS Cloud Security
1bill uses AWS Cloud Security for its servers, an environment specifically designed to protect your information, while benefitting from the highest standards in privacy and data security.
Developed in Australia
1bill is an Australian owned company, designed and developed for Australians. You can rest easy knowing that our first priority in security is keeping our fellow Australian customers safe.
I love the 1bill app. My bills get sent straight to the app and I don’t have to worry about paying them.
Jason Burns
VIP person from TechStar
You cannot go wrong with 1bill, I've never felt so organised when it comes to bills!
Alicia Stevens
VIP person from TechStar