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  • Accessing the 1bill app
  • Your 1 bill email address
  • Upload your bills
  • Pay your bills
  • Other features
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Save money & time with 1bill


The most advanced bill management platform in Australia.
1bill is the easiest way to manage, pay, fund and compare your bills.
You receive 1bill Points the more you use 1bill.
Redeem your points and receive special 1bill Offers.
Features designed to help you save money and time!

Accessing the 1bill APP



Access the 1bill APP from your desktop by signing up and logging in from the 1bill website

Your 1bill email address

  • When you join 1bill we create a special 1bill email address for you that can be used to receive your bills.
  • Simply forward any bill emails to your 1bill email address and 1bill will automatically process the bill and make it available on your 1bill APP.
  • We recommend that you provide your 1bill email address to your suppliers so that 1bill will automatically receive a copy of all your bills. You will still receive a copy of any emails from your suppliers at your existing email address.
  • We email you your 1bill email address when you signup. You can also see your 1bill email address on the 1bill APP at any time. Just go to the home window and press the green + Add Bills button at the button of the window and then select the Send via email option.

Upload your bills


  • If you receive your bills by email, the easiest way to upload your bill is to forward the email with the PDF bill attached to your 1bill email address.
  • If you want, you can also upload your PDF bill files using the 1bill APP.


  • If you receive your paper bills by post then use the 1bill APP to take a photo of your bill.
Just go to the home window and press the green + “Add Bills” button at the bottom centre of the window and select the desired option.

Pay your bills

  • You can elect for 1bill to automatically pay all your bills or just pay particular bills on a one-off basis.
  • 1bill can also send you reminders of when your bills are due.
  • Just go to the home window and select the …more menu at the bottom right of the window, select the Settings option and then select the Payment option.
  • You can setup multiple payment methods for your bills including multiple credit cards. Payment from bank accounts is coming soon.

Compare your bills

  • 1bill will automatically check your bills to determine whether you are paying a competitive price.
  • 1bill can compare prices with other suppliers and provide you with recommendations.
  • If you decide, 1bill can switch you to a better deal in minutes!

1bill Points and Offers

  • 1bill has a fun points feature called 1bill points as well as special “badges” you earn when you achieve key goals.
  • You become eligible to receive 1bill Points when you sign up to 1bill.
  • You can use 1bill Points to redeem 1bill Offers.
  • 1bill will award 1bill Points to you when you complete certain actions such as completing your registration details or paying your bills.

Other features

1bill also provides a number of other features to help you manage your finances and save money.
  • Credit Score - if you choose to use the 1bill Credit Score feature then 1bill provides your up-to-date current credit score on the home page.
  • Organise your bills – for customers with multiple properties, 1bill enables you to organise your bill by supply address using tags.

Features coming soon

We are continuously improving 1bill to make it easier to use and to save you more time and money.
Some of the features coming soon include:
  • Support for small businesses
  • Support for split payments
  • Funding to pay your bill over a longer time period
  • Budget and spending analysis