Effortless bill & wealth management

1bill is the easiest way to manage your bills and control your expenses.

Uploading & organising bills

Over 5 easy ways to upload your bills

Take photos of your bills

Take a photo of your bill, or choose one from your photo gallery. Ensure you take photos of every page of the bill. No screenshots.

Upload eBill/PDF

Select your bill type and upload the bill as a file from your device. Ensure you upload every page of the bill, no screenshots.

Send via email

Forward bills from your email to the 1bill app using the dedicated 1bill email address that has been created for you.

Directly from the provider

You can supply your dedicated 1bill email to your provider to have all your future bills sent directly to the 1bill app.

Scan email for bills

Link your personal email in 1bill so the app can scan the account for bills to upload.

Manually upload bills

Manually input the details of your bill, such as bill type, cost and due date.

Coming soon

Keep track of your wealth

Take it one step further and organise your assets & liabilities! Connect an account on the dashboard and 1bill will automatically start tracking the balance and transactions of that asset/liability


Compare bills & switch to save money

Automatic compare & detection
1bill will automatically compare your bill rates against the leading providers and detect if you are paying too much money
Easily switch providers
1bill will suggest new plans, all you need to do is select the one that suits you best and 1bill will do the rest
That’s it!
Once 1bill has switched you to a cheaper rate you’ll be alerted and can start paying a cheaper price on your bill!
Coming soon

Never miss another bill payment

With in-app reminders, always be on top of your bills

From in-app push notifications be reminded when you have an upcoming bill to pay. 1bill will also remind you when it has detected a better deal on a bill.

By allowing notifications from 1bill on your device, you will automatically receive all notifications. Your notification preferences can be changed from the notification settings screen accessed from the notification bell icon.

Automatic payments with more ways to pay

Easily pay for a bill manually, or set up automatic payments. Bills will be automatically paid by 1bill using your chosen payment method! With support for Mastercard, Visa, LatitudePay, pay your way and never miss a bill payment again.

Coming soon

Save time and quickly bundle bills to pay them off at once

Bundle 2 or more bills together

When paying for a bill, start a bundle payment instead and group 2 or more bills together to pay them off at once! Use LatitudePay to pay easily in 10 weekly interest free instalments.

Simply click ‘Start bundle payment’ when paying for a bill and choose the bills you would like to bundle.

Manage bills and earn points to spend on gift cards

By managing bills and completing tasks within 1bill, you’ll earn 1bill points to spend on gift cards and rewards! Completing enough tasks will also award you with achievements which contribute to your 1bill point balance!

I love the 1bill app. My bills get sent straight to the app and I don’t have to worry about paying them.
Jason Burns
VIP person from TechStar
You cannot go wrong with 1bill, I've never felt so organised when it comes to bills!
Alicia Stevens
VIP person from TechStar