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1. 1 Bill Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 29 September 2021.


1 Bill Pty Ltd (ABN 69 613 846 058) and its subsidiaries (“1bill”) is an Australian-based organisation that provides services in Australian and New Zealand. 1bill is committed to managing personal information in accordance with any applicable local privacy and data protection laws , including:

  • the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (AU Privacy Act), which include the Australian Privacy Principles; and
  • the New Zealand’s Privacy Act 2020 (NZ) (NZ Privacy Act), which include the Information Privacy Principles.

This document sets out 1bill’s policies for managing personal information (as defined under the AU Privacy Act and NZ Privacy Act), and is referred to as 1bill’s Privacy Policy.

In this Privacy Policy, "we", "us", and “our” refers to 1bill and "you" refers to any individual about whom we collect personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by us, or submitted to us, whether offline or online, including personal information collected or submitted:

  • through our websites, including (“Websites”);
  • through our application, 1bill (“1bill app”);
  • through our official social media channel pages which we control (such as our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages); and
  • through email and other messages that we send to you.

Other terms and conditions may apply to you such as our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Collection Notice.

‍ABOUT 1bill‍

We provide services which allow you to:

  • manage, research, pay and compare all your bills, such as energy, gas, telephone, water, broadband, mobile, home and car insurance, council bills, insurance, and other types of bills;
  • manage and pay your loan repayments;
  • view your bank account information (such as your bank account balance);
  • access your credit score; and
  • participate in the 1bill Loyalty Program (defined in, and governed by, the terms set out in Addendum 1 to 1bill’s Terms and Conditions (Addendum)).

as well as other related services (together, the “Services”).

In some cases, our Services allow you to compare products and apply for a number of products via the Website or 1bill app (as applicable). These products are not provided by 1bill but are instead provided by third parties (“Third Party Provider”).


The types of personal information that we collect and hold about you, and how we collect that information, will depend on the circumstances in which the information is being collected, including whether we collect the information from you as a customer or prospective customer, participating third party provider, contractor, supplier job applicant or in some other capacity.

We generally collect personal information directly from you.  We may collect and update your personal information over the phone, by email, over the internet or social media, or in person.

Below we have described the types of information we generally collect, and the main ways we collect that information.

Information about customers and prospective customers

When you enquire about our services, access our Websites or otherwise use our Services (for example by downloading or using the 1bill app), a record is made which includes your personal information.

The type of personal information we collect will vary depending on the circumstances of collection and the kind of service you request from us, but will typically include:

  • your name, email address, telephone number, residential and postal address and date of birth;
  • any details necessary for us to run the 1bill Loyalty Program and process your applications to redeem Offers (defined in the Addendum), such as details about your activity on the Website and 1bill app, how you use the Services and the kind of Offers you redeem;
  • any additional personal information you provide to us, or authorise us to collect, as part of your interaction with us, such as the personal information which is contained on any bills that you upload or otherwise provide to us via the Services, or any other information that you provide via our Website, 1bill app or other communications with us;
  • if you choose to link your email account to your 1bill account, your email account login credentials (which will be encrypted and which 1bill will not be able to read) and details in emails which contain bills; and
  • if you choose to link your bank account to your 1bill account, your transaction history for the previous three months and automated feeds of your bank account balance. 1bill does not collect your bank account login credentials – these are collected by our third party service provider, Yodlee, Inc, a global leader in banking technology (Yodlee’s privacy policy is available at the following URL:

To provide some of our Services, we may need to collect and hold proof of identity documents and government-related identifiers, such as drivers licence, passport and/or Medicare details, as well as sensitive information about you (such as medical or certain lifestyle information contained on your bills). This may be necessary, for example, if you wish to switch Third Party Providers, or store bills or compare quotes relating to health or certain types of insurance. We will only collect your ID documents and sensitive information with your consent.

In certain circumstances, we may collect your credit score or your credit report from a credit reporting body. This may be necessary if you choose to be informed of your credit score or choose to obtain your credit report through the Service. We will only collect your credit score from a credit reporting body with your consent.

If you decide to switch Third Party Providers over the phone, we may record your telephone call conversation with us for training and quality assurance purposes.  

In some cases you may provide us with personal information which relates to another person (for example, a family member listed on a bill which is in a joint account). If you provide us with information about your partner, dependant or any other person, you must obtain that person’s permission to give us the information and inform them of our Privacy Policy (including the information in our Privacy Policy).

Information about our Third Party Providers, suppliers and business partners

1bill may collect your personal information when we do business with you (for example, if you work for one of our third-party service providers, suppliers, or other business partners).

The type of personal information that we collect will vary depending on the circumstances of collection and the purpose for which we are dealing with you, but will typically include:

  • personal details such as your name, title, e-mail address, postal address and other business contact details (such as your LinkedIn profile);
  • information about your employer or an organisation who you represent;
  • your professional details (such as your job title);
  • any additional personal information you provide to us, or authorise us to collect, as part of your interaction with 1bill; and
  • other contact details regarding our interactions and transactions with you and the organisation you represent.

Information about prospective employees/applicants

We collect personal information when recruiting personnel to join the 1bill team, such as your name, title, date of birth, gender, contact details, qualifications and work history (including references and other information included in a CV or cover letter as part of the application process).  Generally, we will collect this information directly from you.  

We may also collect personal information from third parties in ways which you would expect (for example, from recruitment agencies or referees you have nominated).  Before offering you a position, we may collect additional details such as your tax file number and superannuation information and other information necessary to conduct background checks to determine your suitability for certain positions.

We may also collect relevant information from third party sources such as LinkedIn and other professional websites.

What happens if you don’t provide your personal information?

You can always decline to give 1bill any personal information we request, but that may mean we cannot provide you with some or all of the services you have requested or we may not be able to do business with you effectively.  If you have any concerns about personal information we have requested, please let us know.


1bill collects personal information reasonably necessary to carry out our business, to assess and manage our customer’s needs, and to provide the Services.

The purposes for which 1bill usually collects personal information depends on the nature of your interaction with us, but may include to:

  • provide you with our Services, including the 1bill app;
  • administer the 1bill Loyalty Program in accordance with the terms set out in the Addendum and process your applications to redeem Offers;
  • assess your eligibility for the products and services that you’re interested in, including any special offers;
  • in some cases, let you know that bill is due for payment or renewal and to arrange for it to be renewed;
  • display your bank account information (such as your bank account balance) in your 1bill account;
  • verify your identity and manage any enquiries or complaints you have after you’ve used our services;
  • let you know about other products, services or promotional offers that we think may be of interest to you;
  • ensure we comply with the requirements from our participating Third Party Providers;
  • generally research, develop and expand our Services;
  • conduct research and analysis to improve our understanding of your interests in relation to our Services and offers, including to improve our data analytics capability to provide our customers with better services and comparisons;
  • develop insights from our interactions with our customers to enhance our Services and the way we deliver them so that we can keep on meeting the needs of our customers;
  • analyse your interactions and use of our online services to understand the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives;
  • maintain and improve our customer service by monitoring our service for quality control, quality and training purposes;
  • consider job applicants for current and future employment (including for contractors);
  • manage our relationships with our participating Third Party Providers, suppliers and other business partners;
  • manage our internal business, in particular financial management, reporting and accounting;
  • respond to enquiries and complaints; and
  • meet our regulatory and legal obligations (for example, including under the AU Privacy Act and the NZ Privacy Act or under specific contractual obligations where we are required to give access to personal information we hold to be audited).

We may also collect your personal information for other reasons, as permitted under the AU Privacy Act and NZ Privacy Act (for example where it is necessary as part of our, or a third party’s, statutory or public functions or because the law permits or requires us to).


1bill will provide individuals with the opportunity of remaining anonymous or using a pseudonym in their dealings with us where it is lawful and practicable (for example, when making a general enquiry).  Generally it is not practicable for 1bill to deal with individuals anonymously or pseudonymously on an ongoing basis.  If we do not collect personal information about you, you may be unable to utilise our Services or participate in our events, programs or activities we manage or deliver.


The purposes for which we may use and disclose your personal information will depend on the reason we are interacting with you. For example, if you have signed up to use our Services, we may disclose information about you to the Third-Party Provider. Generally, 1bill will use and disclosure your personal information for the purpose for which it collected that information, and otherwise it will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the AU Privacy Act and the NZ Privacy Act.

In the case that you choose to link your Google email account to your 1bill account, 1bill will use Google APIs to receive information from your Gmail account. 1bill’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Use and disclosure for administration and management

Naturally we will also use and disclose personal information for a range of administrative, management and operational purposes in ways that you would expect.  This includes:

  • administering billing and payments and debt recovery;
  • planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating our services;
  • quality improvement activities;
  • statistical analysis and reporting;
  • training staff, contractors and other workers;
  • risk management and management of legal liabilities and claims (for example, liaising with insurers and legal representatives);
  • responding to enquiries and complaints regarding our services;
  • obtaining advice from consultants and other professional advisers; and
  • responding to subpoenas and other legal orders and obligations.

‍We may also use personal information to create deidentified data (which is no longer personal information). We share this deidentified data we create or otherwise collect with people we do business with such as our advertising and other business partners.  

Disclosure to contractors and other service providers

We may disclose information to third parties we engage in order to provide our services, including contractors and service providers used for call centre support, data processing, data analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, information technology services and support, payment processing, Websites and 1bill app maintenance / development, printing, archiving, mail-outs, and market research.

Third parties to whom we have disclosed your personal information may contact you directly to let you know they have collected your personal information and to give you information about their privacy policies.

To provide you with the Services, we may need to disclose your personal information to:

  • your existing service providers, to disconnect or discontinue their services;
  • a Third Party Provider, to obtain quotes, receive bills, and enable the connection or provision of new services;
  • Residential Connections Pty Ltd (ABN 63 612 925 434), which is our third-party service provider who we engage to connect and disconnect your services; and
  • credit reporting bodies, to obtain your credit scores and/or credit reports.

Business sale or corporate transaction

We may use or disclose your personal information with third parties, whether affiliated or unaffiliated, for the purpose of facilitating or implementing a transfer or sale of all or part of our assets or business or if we undergo any other kind of corporate restructure, acquisition or sale. In this context, your personal information may be transferred to another entity (or if such a sale, transfer, acquisition or corporate restructure is being contemplated by us).

Other uses and disclosures

We may use and disclose your personal information for other purposes explained at the time of collection (such as in a specific privacy collection statement or notice), or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Privacy Act and the NZ Privacy Act.


We generally collect personal information about you in Australia or New Zealand, depending on where you are based. However, it is likely that your personal information will be disclosed to overseas recipients including to service providers who may handle, process or store your personal information on our behalf.

For example, recipients of such information may be located in the Philippines, India and Vietnam.

We only ever disclose your personal information outside the jurisdiction it was collected where we are permitted to do so under applicable privacy laws. Generally this means we will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is treated securely and in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

There are other circumstances where we may disclose your personal information to an overseas recipient. For example, where you have provided your consent or we are otherwise permitted to do so under the AU Privacy Act, the NZ Privacy Act or other relevant laws.


‍‍Direct marketing

We use personal information to inform you about products and services offered by 1bill as well as products and services offered by Third Party Providers, which we think may be of interest to you. When we contact you, it may be by mail, telephone, email, SMS or social media. Information about how to opt-out of receiving marketing material from us is set out below.

If you want to know how we obtained your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer using the details provided below.

How can you opt out of receiving direct marketing?

You can let us know at any time if you do not want the personal information we hold about you to be used or disclosed for direct marketing purposes, or you do not wish to be contacted in any of the above ways, by contacting us. In some circumstances we may need to contact you to obtain additional information, to verify your identity or to clarify your request.

You may also unsubscribe via the unsubscribe facility in an electronic message we send to you or by managing your preferences via the 1bill app if this option is made available to you.

If you opt-out of receiving marketing material from us, 1bill may still contact you in relation to its ongoing relationship with you (including in relation to the Services it is providing you with).


‍Website use and cookies

You may visit our Websites without identifying yourself.  If you identify yourself (for example, by submitting an inquiry or filling out a form), any personal information you provide to 1bill will be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Our Websites also use cookies. A 'cookie' is a small file stored on your computer's browser, which assists in managing customised settings of the website and delivering content.  We collect certain information such as your device type, browser type, “click-through” information, IP address, pages you have accessed on our Websites and on third-party websites.  Generally you are not identifiable from such information.

We use cookies to personalise your browsing experience (for example, by remembering your preferences and recognising you as a repeat visitor to our Websites), and to track statistics about the usage of our Website. This allows us to better understand our users and improve the layout and functionality of our Websites.

When you visit any of Websites, our system may collect information about your visit for statistical purposes, including:

  • server address;
  • top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.);
  • the date and time of your visit to the site;
  • the pages you accessed and documents downloaded during your visit;
  • the previous site you visited;
  • if you’ve visited our site before; and
  • the type of browser used.

If you do not wish to receive any cookies (other than those that are strictly necessary) you can use the settings in your browser to control how your browser deals with cookies.  However, in doing so, you may be unable to access certain pages or content on our Websites.

In some cases, we allow third-party vendors to use cookies and web beacons to provide you with information about our services and products. These technologies may be used in regard to activities like surveys, website analytics, online behavioural advertising and email campaign management. There are ways for you to opt out of third-party cookies.

To do this, you can contact us or visit, which is a website that allows you to opt out of some online behavioural advertising. These services provided by third-party vendors generally operate without the collection or use of any personal information. In many cases, the information relates only to a device or is of a statistical nature, and we will not be able to identify the user.

Third-party links

Our Websites may contain links to third-party websites. 1bill is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites that are linked to our Websites.

These links are provided for your convenience and do not represent 1bill’s endorsement of any linked third-party website. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of these third parties (including any applicable terms and conditions) prior to providing them with your personal information.



1bill stores information in paper-based files or other electronic record keeping methods in secure databases (including trusted third-party storage providers based in Australia and overseas).  

Personal information may be collected in paper-based documents and converted to electronic form for use or storage (with the original paper-based documents either archived or securely destroyed).

We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

1bill maintains physical security over paper and electronic data stores, such as through locks and security systems at our premises. We also maintain computer and network security; for example, we use firewalls (security measures for the Internet) and other security systems such as user identifiers and passwords to control access to our computer systems.


We will only keep the personal information we collect about you for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or as required to comply with any applicable legal obligations. The retention periods we apply to personal information take account of:

  • legal and regulatory requirements and guidance;
  • limitation periods that apply in respect of taking legal action;
  • our ability to defend ourselves against legal claims and complaints;
  • good practice; and
  • the operational requirements of our business.

We take steps to destroy or de-identify information that we no longer require or as required by an applicable law.  


You are entitled to access your personal information held by 1bill on request. To request access to your personal information please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details set out below.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can help us to do this by letting us know if you notice errors or discrepancies in information we hold about you and letting us know if your personal details change.

However, if you consider any personal information we hold about you to be inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, you are entitled to request correction of the information. After receiving a request from you, we will take reasonable steps to correct your information.

We may decline your request to access or correct your personal information in certain circumstances in accordance with the AU Privacy Act or NZ Privacy Act (as applicable). If we do refuse your request, we will provide you with a reason for our decision and, in the case of a request for correction, we will include a statement with your personal information about the requested correction.


You may contact 1bill at any time if you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the way in which your personal information has been handled.

You may make a complaint about privacy to the Privacy Officer at the contact details set out below.

The Privacy Officer will first consider your complaint to determine whether there are simple or immediate steps which can be taken to resolve the complaint. We will generally respond to your complaint within a week.

If your complaint requires more detailed consideration or investigation, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within a week and endeavour to complete our investigation into your complaint promptly.  We may ask you to provide further information about your complaint and the outcome you are seeking.  We will then typically gather relevant facts, locate and review relevant documents and speak with individuals involved.

In most cases, we will investigate and respond to a complaint within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.  If the matter is more complex or our investigation may take longer, we will let you know.

If you are based in Australia and you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, or you consider that 1bill may have breached the AU Privacy Act (including the Australian Privacy Principles), a complaint may be made to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner can be contacted by telephone on 1300 363 992 or by using the contact details on the website

If you are based in New Zealand and you consider that 1bill may have breached the NZ Privacy Act (including the Information Privacy Principles), a complaint may be made to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner can be contacted by telephone on 0800 803 909 or by using the contact details on the website

If you are outside of Australia or New Zealand, you may wish to take your complaint up with the local data protection authority in your jurisdiction.


1bill may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, with or without notice to you. We recommend that you visit our Website or the ‘Updates’ (or similar) section of the 1bill app regularly to keep up to date with any changes. We also try to let you know about major changes to our Privacy Policy (for example by putting a notice up on our Website or the 1bill app).


The contact details for 1bill are:

Privacy Officer

1 Bill Pty Ltd

Phone: 1300 391 320



Address: Level 3, 342 Flinders Street Melbourne VIC 3000

This Privacy Policy was last updated in 29 September 2021.